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Please read and acknowledge the following disclaimer before proceeding.

At Self Directed IRA Services, Inc., all IRA accounts are fully self directed by the IRA account owner, so you are responsible for all investment decisions and the consequences of those decisions. We serve as the IRA custodian and are responsible only for required IRS reporting. If there is any question regarding a real estate IRA, precious metal IRAgold IRA or other type of investment, a client should seek advice from a tax, investment or legal professional.

We do not provide investment, tax or legal advice. In addition, we do not offer or sell any investment products. We recommend that you seek professional advice regarding any questions you may have pertaining to an investment you are considering.

We will accept a direction for investment for any asset which is not specifically prohibited by the Internal Revenue Service and that we deem to be administratively feasible. It is the responsibility of the IRA account owner to know if a contemplated transaction is or is not prohibited by the Internal Revenue Code.