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The more you know about self directed IRAs, the better your chances will be for creating a more effective retirement strategy. The following links and web sites provide helpful information, resources and tools to help you make the most of your self directed IRA. 

Articles on Self Directed IRA Investing

2009 Articles
Rescuing Real Estate Linda Stern, Newsweek, 11.04.2009
Cattle, Fish Business Make Up Alternative IRAs Joe Mont, The Street, 9.21.2009
Savvy Buyers Use Self-Directed IRA to Buy Homes Carolyn Said, 9.1.2009
Leaving Your Job? Roll 401k into an IRA for More Options Sandra Block, USA Today, 6.8.2009
2008 Articles
Putting an IRA to Work in Ventures Beyond Stocks Deborah L. Jacobs, New York Times, 10.22.2008
When Stocks Tank, Some Investors Stampede to Alpacas and Turn to Drink Jennifer Levitz, The Wall Street Journal, 10.03.2008
Alternative IRA is Good Deal for Some John P. Napolitano, ThirdAge, 04.28.2008
Investors Tap Retirement Savings to Make Real Estate Bets Janet Morrissey,, 03.31.2008
2007 Articles
Why to Choose a Self-Directed IRA Farnoosh Torabi, The Street, 10.23.2007
Using Their IRAs to Make Home Loans Kelly Greene, The Wall Street Journal, 09.11.2007
Diversification through Self-Directed IRAs Trista Winnie, NuWire Investor, 08.20.2007
Is Commercial Real Estate Part of Your IRA? Dan Scanlon, New Hampshire Business Review, 06.22.2007
Take Charge of Your IRA Jeanne Lee, Fortune,, 05.30.2007
Raise Money Using A Self-Directed IRA Asheesh Avanti, The Street, 05.21.2007
Using Real Estate to Build Your Retirement Portfolio Marla Brill, MarketWatch, 05.04.2007
Real Estate and Self Directed IRAs Laura Bruce,, 04.17.2007
Article Archive
Wary of Stocks? Property Is an IRA Option Vivian Marino, New York Times, 06.29.2005
Using an IRA to Buy Real Estate Vivian Marino New York Times, 04.17.2005
Getting Real (Estate) in your IRA Robert Powell, Marketwatch, 12.09.2004
IRA Adventures Ashlea Ebeling, Forbes Magazine, 10.04.2004
Buy Real Estate in Your IRA Kelli Click,, 09.01.2003
Buy and Sell Property Using Retirement Dollars Kelli Click, REALTOR Magazine, 02.01.2002

Books on Self Directed IRA Investing

The Self Directed IRA Handbook by Mat Sorensen The Self Directed IRA Handbook by Mat Sorensen
IRA Wealth by Patrick Rice and Jennifer Dirk
Retire Rich With Your Self-Directed IRA- by Nora Peterson Retire Rich With Your Self-Directed IRA by Nora Peterson
 The Retirement Savings Time Bomb- by Ed Slott The Retirement Savings Time Bomb by Ed Slott
Retire Secure! Pay Taxes Later- by James Lange Retire Secure! Pay Taxes Later by James Lange
Roth IRA:  Exploding the Myths” by John Azodi, CPA Roth IRA:  Exploding the Myths by John Azodi, CPA

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